So You Want to Talk About Race?


By: Ijeoma Oluo

Oluo takes on contemporary issues, as well as how we can best communicate with each other to create equity and change. While it is about having conversations, it’s more about the deep dive into paradigm shifts and perspectives that needs to happen prior to communication. The identification and effect of Intersectionality, checking our privilege in order to identify others’ oppression, cultural appropriation, intended and unintended microaggressions and more are addressed in order to facilitate positive, proactive and effective change.

Identifying herself as a biracial, Black woman and a member of the LGBT community, Oluo not only delineates the how and why for readers, she examines her life, actions and interactions as well and relates her journey in an honest and straightforward way. She made herself uncomfortable the same way she asks the reader to do, so be ready to take that ride. It’s worth it.