The mission of Clay Countians for Inclusion is to

eliminate racism and discrimination and promote the growth of equity, justice and inclusion.

Statement of Values

Established in 2020, we came together to remove and relocate a remnant of white supremacy, the Confederate monument in Fairview Cemetery. We believe that all people are valid participants in creating a progressive future for our communities and that this goal must be supported through policy initiatives and educational programs. With a focus on Clay County, Missouri, we hope to increase the interactions and understanding among people of varying races, abilities, genders, sexual orientations and religions to expand the hopes and opportunities of all. We will work to ensure that our actions demonstrate our values.


Trust is the firm belief in the character, strength or reality of others. Trust is required to negotiate in good faith in order to build the relationships necessary for a productive and inclusive future.


Respect is a feeling of deep admiration elicited by recognizing the abilities, qualities, character or achievements of another. It is often earned through acts, but respect is also deserved by simply being human until one demonstrates otherwise. Respect does not come from degrees or positions held. Rather, respect is reflected from one heart to another, one mind to another and is a prerequisite for community.


Leadership is the willingness to strive toward a culture of accountability. It begins with the individual and together with others leads to a successful team, whether a committee or a community. It starts with each of us. We must model the behaviors we wish to see in our communities.


A community is a group of people with common interests or characteristics banding together within a larger society. As there exists a multitude of characteristics within every individual, these communities connect with one another to build larger groups with a common history or similar social, economic or political interests. Occasionally, one community will be at odds with another community at which point the goals of the overall larger community must be clarified and enlivened through political action.


Transparency is bringing one’s true self to all interactions with the confidence and strength to engage in honest, open communications and negotiations. This, in turn, can increase understanding, perspective and, ultimately, progress toward a common goal.


We wish to create communities where circumstances exist to make it possible for all people to believe in their heart, as well as their mind, that they have value and that it is possible to achieve their highest possible quality of life. Social, economic and physical barriers to the achievement of individual goals need to be mitigated to maximize the return to the human capital of all people.


Beyond accountability, responsibility implies being committed to the goals of the organization and the communities within which we reside. We must take ownership of the outcomes from our decisions and actions and recognize that they reflect on every community of which we are members.

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